1. Electric Vehicle Repair Course.

Course Duration: 1 year(3 months for ITI, ITC, POLY TECHNIC & other technical certificate holders).

Our syllabus includes detailed study about EV batteries, motors, converters & controllers, battery management system, sensor system, charging system, drive lines..etc.

2. Automatic Transmission Course.(Mechatronics)

Course Duration: (2-6 months (depending on class scheduling)).

Our syllabus contains the detailed study about latest Automatic transmission system used by world leading car manufactures like Mercedez, BMW,Nissan ,Toyota,Ford,Suzuki… Which enables the student to learn new technology (mechatronics) and also a deep study about various automatic system like CVT,DSG…

Our technical institute is designed to provide competitive training controlled by Global experienced hands. We are facilitated with various automatic gear unit of different leading manufactures. This enables students to understand the functions of minor and major components and also understand the latest electronic control system used in different types of automatic transmission. For today’s job market where innovative technology is widely used our practical facilities make a student fit for job anywhere in the world as we are providing the real professional training throughout the course.

AS we are using Automotive scanner (Diagnostic tool) , which is must to understanding the functions of various parts. As sensor is widely used in today’s vehicles , the diagnostic system helps students to identify the functions of each part prior to finding problems.

The proper trouble shooting will eliminate the potential issues that are not the real problems but which will lead the student in the right direction. This trouble shooting will focuses on the most common areas in automatic transmission / other problem areas which guide the student to identify the problems and to start repair.

The rapid growth in technology which brings more safety, guidance (Intelligent control system) fuel efficiency, using GPS, and so many sensors and other parts which is controlled by Electrical & Electronics components. As these parts have important role in performing the efficiency of vehicles. Our syllabus is included the related study of Electro-Mech relation (Mechatronics).

Our course contains the transmission removing, overhauling, fixing and testing. Which enables students to perform what they learn during the course and also help them to increase confidents by doing work independently. This makes them the real Technical person apt for the automatic transmission field anywhere in the world.

3. Computerized Vehicle Diagnosing Course

Course Duration: (3 Months)

This course is designed for students who interested in vehicle diagnosing field. As modern vehicles are equipped with so many electronic control components which is connected to the vehicle computer. This course enables student to understand in depth about the functioning of all sensors, control modules and actuators. After the completion of course student becomes an Automobile Vehicle diagnostic specialist.

Our Practical section includes inspecting and repairing of sensors, control modules, actuators with latest scan tool and other diagnosing equipments. This makes a student an apt person for the field to carryout work confidently.

4. Auto Mobile Engineering (with Specialization in Automatic Transmission      & Computerized Vehicle Diagnosing)

Course Duration: (1 year)

5. Auto Spareparts Sales man/girl Training Course

Course Duration: ( 3 Months)

This is the study about understanding the basic functions of All automobile Vehicle. A detailed understanding of each and every spare parts in an Engine, body, suspension, Transmission, Chassis and all other accessories are included. At the end of course a student is able to recognize the automobile parts and also he can handle independently all selling activities related to automobile spare parts field and become an expert automobile parts professional sales man.

No Name Of Course Duration Eligibility(Automobile)*
1 Electric Vehicle Repair Course. 1 year SSLC, Plus 2
2 Automatic Transmission Course.(Mechatronics) 6 Months Poly Technic/ITI/ITC/VHSC/JTS/ 5yrs Exp. In Auto.Field*
3 Computerized Vehicle Diagnosing Course 3 Months Poly Technic/ITI/ITC/VHSC/JTS/ 5yrs Exp. In Auto.Field*
4 Auto Mobile Engineering 1 Year Plus 2/VHSC./SSLC
5 Auto Spare Parts Sales Person Training Course 3 Months Plus 2/VHSC./SSLC

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